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About me

I am a self-taught hobby developer from Germany. I have experience in .NET, C++ and Java. My current language of choice is C# which you might be able to tell by my projects :D
I started learning Java in 2014, to write plugins for Minecraft’s Multiplayer. Shortly after I started learning C# and building some small Desktop applications. Through friends and my interest in gaming, I learned about reverse-engineering and game hacking, which led me to reverse-engineering .NET based apps and Unity games building little cheats/trainers. These special interests led me to UnknownCheats where I became a staff member in 2019. I supported the team as a file analyzer and moderator until the early summer of 2022. During my time at UnknownCheats, I also learned C++ and x86-64 assembly to help the file analyzers. I am familiar with IDA Pro, dnSpy, WinDbg and other common analysis tools.
With time my focus shifted more toward cybersecurity and malware analysis. I started analyzing more complex malware and building tools to aid in unpacking specifically .NET based malware. Unpacking is fun but sometimes I like to dabble in packing/obfuscation as well. On this blog, I write about my different projects or ideas whatever fits :)

Contact & Profiles

  • Discord: drakonia#1110
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  • Mastodon: @dr4k0nia@infosec.exchange